We are a catalyst for building pathways for indigenous youth, young adults, their families and communities to engage in culturally appropriate holistic transformational development while training the next generation leaders to rediscover their Creator-given identity and purpose.

iEmergence creates pathways which will enable indigenous people to reclaim and redeem that which was created as good and beautiful in their culture and creates pathways for intentional transitions of leadership, from generation to generation.


Sharing the love of Creator through relationship. Through building relationships with the communities iEmergence works with, the organization is able to gain understanding and share in the community’s vision for development. This in turn allows iEmergence to support the community in realizing its own dreams for the future.


Seeing indigenous people and communities to be self-directive and self-determining in their development.


Seeing indigenous peoples raised up in dignity and honor, embracing who they are, and being valued for the contribution that they have to offer the world. Understanding that through the uniqueness of culture, each people group will develop in different ways to embrace and encourage a distinct expression of who they are. A strong foundation in one’s identity and security in one’s place in the world allows a people the freedom to live life in the fullness of who they were created to be.


Valuing the wisdom the older generation, community leaders and mentors can impart to the younger generation and seeing the next generations empowered to be fundamental contributors to the development of their communities.