Through the brokenness, Creator brings forth new beauty, strength and inspiration.

In the fall of 2020, heartbreak was felt as hope was slipping away from seeing Moccasin Lodge come to fruition. Tears were shed and through prayer, Creator reminded me that it is Creator's master plan for each of us and not all is revealed at once. Time was needed to believe in Moccasin Lodge. Creator was molding the Dream of Moccasin Lodge in my heart until it was ready to be birthed.

An answer to prayer arrived with InterVarsity Saskatchewan reaching out about how they could potentially partner with iEmergence at Circle Square Ranch Wolf Creek. Moccasin Lodge is being birthed on Treaty 4 Territory, the traditional lands of the Michi Piyii (Métis), Očhéthi Sakówin (Dakota) and the Niitsítpiis-stahkoii (Original People’s Land) of the Niitsítapi (Blackfoot) who are the original caretakers of the land where Circle Square Ranch Wolf Creek is located.

I am deeply honoured at this opportunity that Creator has given to us to partner together in this season. The vision of Moccasin Lodge is compelling, especially in the desire to reclaim one’s cultural identity in a safe space. We at InterVarsity Saskatchewan fully believe and support Moccasin Lodge and in the programs that are offered. InterVarsity Saskatchewan is privileged to have a camp located at Wolf Creek. As we continue to re-imagine camp ministry, our hope is to journey in the good way with people and with the land. We are honoured that iEmergence can be on Wolf Creek’s land. We are excited to see the vision of Moccasin Lodge be realized. We are excited to see Indigenous youth and their communities and families reclaim their cultural identities. We desire to journey in a good way with iEmergence. Thank you for extending trust to us to partner with you.   Terima Kasih. Kinanaskomitin. Thank you.  RACHELLE LOW Saskatchewan Director InterVarsity