Our PO Box in the US has changed!

New US Mailing Address:

Indigenous Pathways
10 State Road
Suite 9 #1039
Bath, ME

iEmergence Saskatchewan was started by Ji-gaabiikwe Campeau in 2019 and focuses on the development of relationships and programs with Indigenous Communities across the province.

Moccasin Lodge has been born out of a passion to provide a space to reclaim one’s cultural identity in an environment that is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically safe.

Kids Culture Camp, established by Terry & Bev LeBlanc, is undertaken in a partnership between iEmergence and InterVarsity’s Wolf Creek Ranch, Saskatchewan. The focus is kids learning about themselves, their people, and their Creator. This is an amazing opportunity to interact and engage with Indigenous kids between the ages of 6 -12, tipi and clan leaders, other volunteers, and elders. The camp fosters a community environment in which we honour an Indigenous way of life.

Oskiskwewak, Cree for Young Women Helpers, is an opportunity to learn together, to relearn who we are as Indigenous women, to learn some leadership and life skills, but most of all, to learn to love ourselves as an Indigenous woman. This is an opportunity to seek out and reclaim our cultural identity, find soul healing and be part of a community that will love, support and care for one another in a culturally safe environment.