iEmergence is committed to equipping the leaders of the emerging generations of indigenous people. Through the trainings it conducts independently as well as in collaboration with other development organizations, iEmergence is able to promote holistic community development work. The organization also advocates the rights and the raising of an awareness on the situation and needs of indigenous communities through seminars and indigenous gatherings.

The core process that we use is called Appreciative Inquiry.

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

A positive way to build people, organizations, communities, and futures!

Appreciative Inquiry is the art of discovering and valuing factors that give life to an organization, partnership, or community. It is a form that selectively seeks to highlight the life-giving forces of an organization, group, or partnership. When we inquire into the things in our organizations that are life giving, we begin to understand we can choose to focus on those qualities.

Appreciative Inquiry is designed to be creative and innovative. It innately reveals that human systems are full of solutions. It is their diversity, multiplicity and forward movement that needs to be highlighted and built upon.

  • Discovery – What gives life?
  • Dream – What might be?
  • Design – What should be – the idea?
  • Delivery – How do we empower, learn, and adjust/improvise?

The premise that communities can drive the development process themselves by identifying and mobilizing existing, but often unrecognized assets. Builds on the assets that are already found in the community and mobilizes individuals to come together to build on their assets – not concentrate on their needs.

  • The key is to begin to use what is already in the community.
  • Draws out strengths and successes in a community’s shared history as its starting point for change.
  • Active participation and empowerment are the basis of practice.
  • Focus is on relationships.