The Indigenous Youth Leadership Osmosis deepens Indigenous youth’s understanding of cultural values and lives these out in the mainstream context. They will be able to demonstrate how their cultural values inform the choices they make through sharing stories of their new cultural understanding and positive changes in the way they engage in community life. They will also contribute to their community by taking an active role and implementing a project for their own local context.


iEmergence began working with the Tagakaulo Indigenous Peoples community of Malita, Davao del Sur upon the invitation of the Malita Tagakaulo Mission (MATAMIS, lead by the Missionaries of Jesus - MJ) in order to develop an Indigenous Youth Leadership (IYL) program. The Malita Tagakaulo Mission recognized the urgent need to preserve and transmit the Indigenous Knowledge, Systems and Practices (IKSP) of the Tagakaulo to the next generation because current realities are rapidly accelerating the marginalization and cultural loss of the Tagakaulo. Over a 6 month period, iEmergence, MATAMIS and local Tagakaulo leaders collectively developed the Indigenous Youth Leadership project using Appreciative Inquiry, an asset-based indigenous storytelling process. Specifically, they identified the cultural rituals, practices and elements to be strengthened and developed. The results of the MATAMIS-iEmergence planning process was presented to and validated by a meeting of the Matikadeng, the local council of elders, on February 10, 2015 in Dimuluk Barangay. Additional meetings were conducted with zones leaders on February 28 through March 2, 2015 to obtain specific feedback and validation from village elders and community leaders.



Panuluanan envisions that the Ata youth live out with "Bansa Kooloran" or the love and compassion of the Ata tradition and culture, through the Panuluanan the values and way of life be restored and strengthened by ancestral teachings and tribal leaders and elders continue to journey and intentionally pass the knowledge in the future.


The Mission is that through the language and stories of the Ata tribe and the varied traditional generation methods and experiences to learn, Panuluanan will continue to proudly practice and recognize the unique identity, language and knowledge of the Ata culture and traditions; Panuluanan will continue to develop a sustainable, peaceful and healthy life of the Ata community.