iEmergence (iE) has its beginnings with the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People (WCGIP). It was during the first WCGIP in New Zealand in 1996 that redemption of the treasures of indigenous cultures began in a unique way. This also began the process of reaching out to other indigenous peoples as the WCGIP endeavored to harness, develop and equip emerging indigenous leaders for the next generation in their own contexts. From May to September 2008, two individuals traveled to eight countries (both western and non-western) to dialogue with indigenous youth and others from their communities about what they aspire to be in their future. The knowledge gleaned from these dialogues was merged with that already gathered from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the indigenous youth from thirteen different countries who attended the 7th WCGIP in Israel in September 2008.

The mentorship of elders and the dialogue with peers throughout the years of the WCGIP birthed in the iEmergence founders a desire to have an impact in their generation that would have a lasting affect on the generations to follow. The experiences and vision of these young people, combined with the stories and information gathered in 2008 became the foundation for the iEmergence initiative.