We are a catalyst for building pathways for indigenous youth, young adults, their families and communities to engage in culturally appropriate holistic transformational development while training the next generation leaders to rediscover their Creator-given identity and purpose.


Osmosis is a process that rebuilds pathways of learning for Indigenous leaders and emerging youth leaders in Indigenous and tribal communities. It is designed to reconnect youth with elders and other community leaders for the purpose of passing along the skills and knowledge needed to understand an Indigenous community’s history, culture, and contemporary context. The Osmosis process utilizes asset-based planning and development methodologies to engage participants in the discovery of best practices and goals for the future of their communities.


iEmergence Philippines will be hosting a fundraising event through an online concert with the theme “Pag-inambitay sa Bulan sa Pasko” as a way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season alongside friends, families, and loved ones to witness the music and performance of various Indigenous artists from Mindanao. This year’s event will be held on two different occasions: December 21, 2021, 8 PM (EST- Canada) and December 30, 2021 6 PM (GMT+8 PHST) to cater to both international and local audiences streaming via Zoom. We are aiming to raise a total of Php 300,000 (USD $6,000), and accomplishing this goal will help us fund future projects for 2022 and continue providing support and assistance with our partner communities.